Phew! I can’t really recall since when, but it’s for sure that I have always wanted to start a blog of my own. A blog need not always be on a specific subject right? So here i am, using this blog account as my little space to exhaust. To be honest i never really was a writer neither am i one now, so please do excuse me if you happen to come across my poor grammar, poor choice of metaphor and sometimes sad jokes. OK, so lets get started!

Oh wait. Excitement ate up my good manners.. my apologies.

Hi/hello/namaste, thank you for visiting my page! Lots of love. For those who don’t know me, my name is Opiyung. For starter it might seem a bit mouthful to pronounce it, but with time it will be easier I promise. Lol.

Born the youngest to the family on 29th March 1995, I am more than blessed to be a part of the Tage clan. My beautiful blessed family includes my dad, mom, grandma, sister1, brother, sister2, sister3 and the last but not the least, the cutest of all, me. Hahaha. #okiagreeiamnotcute #butwhateverduhhh

Family photo, throwback to 2014 December.

4 sisters, 1 brother. Ahhh I love us. So many stories, so many memories, and yes catfights. #scratchesareonlyamongthesistersok #brotheriscool #girlsbecrazy

Time flies by.. we no longer pull each others hair, in fact now we pay for each others hair salon appointments. Sisterhood is awesome, isn’t it 🙂

My mom on the other hand has always been more like a sister than a mother. So fun! But sometimes it gets out of hand, like, I am a scapegoat at times (mommies always aims for the youngest ones). You know what i mean right. She will try to get all the information of the whereabouts of my brother and sisters out of me, like who is dating who, like is their relationship serious, like who is that guy, like get me the info, like, like, like, like, and the like list goes on.

I go “mumma please don’t make me do this, if you are so much interested go ask kaku herself if she has a boyfriend or not”. My mom then goes “I know that she does, but i want to know who“. #alwaysdiggingiswear #kakupleasetellmomifyouhaveabf #shehasbeenbuggingmeaskingaboutit


I miss this. i miss all of it. i miss the times when we were all together, being kids, no responsibilities, no office hours, no unhappy faces. Adulthood has been tough, and mind it, it gets tougher. But what keeps me going is my family’s smile and motivation. What’s life you ask? This is life. Life is not always smooth and easy, and also not always about how loaded is your account or how many places you have visited, it’s about these little things that makes us happy and smile, the little details that makes us laugh. Sometimes life is about finding happiness and making peace with all that you have. No matter how poor one might be in terms of gandhi, but one will never be poor when it comes to love. So cultivate your time with your near and dear ones, because happiness ignites where there is love and respect.

With much love, ~O


P.S: I will try and post every now and then so do pay visits at and also you can find my updates on instagram account o_piyung

2 thoughts on “Lets get started.

  1. To infinity and beyond… Writing is also one my hobbies.. I used to write stories and compose poems.. It’s so good to write.. Writing relieves stress and I feel free whenever I write… Hope you do big with writing.. Hope the world knows you through your writing… Aim high.. And someday you might touch the sky… Hurah!!

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